1. Depending on the total amount of sponsored items, target region, as well as type, size and known preferences of the institutions, a distribution list is created using our database, which contains all relevant data of the current members in the sponsoring pool. This includes shipping addresses, delivery information (e.g. opening hours) as well as personal contacts (usually the management), so that the packages arrive as safely as possible.
  2. Now the sponsored products and/or media are packaged in shipping cartons in our central warehouse.
  3. Each package receives a personalised letter to the day care centre or school management. These letters usually also contain an action questionnaire on the back or at least a response field where database updates, praise, suggestions, criticism, change of contact person, email address etc. can be communicated. In order to make this as easy as possible for all parties involved, after a transitional phase the feedback will only be given via online questionnaire.
  4. All facilities that are activated on this online portal with their email address can check and update the data you have stored with us at any time. Personal preferences or which sponsoring articles are not desired can also be specified here and we can automatically take this into account in all future mailing list creations.
  5. Each sponsorship package is marked with orange tape with the appropriate "sponsorship" inscription so that it can be easily identified and not accidentally refused by ignorant or anxious colleagues.
  6. Once all parcels have been prepared, they will be picked up by our current logistics partner DPD and normally delivered within 2 days. Holiday periods are of course taken into account by us.

  7. After a parcel has arrived at your premises, you are completely free to decide how you want to distribute the products to the children or parents or how you want to use them in your nursery.

  8. We welcome any feedback following a campaign and ask you to inform us of any change of address, relocation, closure, change of management etc. or, best of all, to correct it right here on the portal. Thank you very much.