1. Our sales team acquires potentially suitable sponsors (companies, brand owners, institutions, etc.) where marketing/PR interests or social responsibility can be combined and a win-win situation can be realized on all sides. Frequently, companies also turn to us independently because they have recognized care and educational institutions as multipliers, which are perceived very positively by the public if they implement it seriously and in a child-friendly manner, always finding a clear answer to the question: "What do our children get out of it?
  2. Either we get products from the sponsors that already have a good benefit for children or the institution, or we consider complementary media, look for further partners and knit a sponsoring campaign that stands up to our claim of a win-win situation (see voluntary commitment). However, because many daycare centres and schools do not want or are not allowed to participate in any sponsoring activities - no matter how great they are - we created the sponsoring pool many years ago. Only those who are members of the pool are included in our sponsoring activities - of course always free of charge and without obligation.