1. The benefit for the children comes first.
    Blattwerk Media founded the "ProKids" working group for this purpose. Together with educators, parents and representatives of the social associations, new forms of child-oriented support are developed and discussed. It ensures that only products that are pedagogically meaningful and appropriate for the age of the children are delivered to them.

  2. If everyone agrees, the work starts.
    Our activities only start when we have the express agreement of the kindergarten/school management or the social welfare organisation. This applies to individual campaigns as well as longer running campaigns.

  3. Trusted caregivers.
    All products are always distributed and handed over to the children by their trusted caregivers - teachers, educators, parents. They determine the course of each campaign. Direct contact, for example between children and a promotion team, is not permitted. Meaningful exceptions require the agreement of all those involved.

  4. No aggressive advertising methods.
    Blattwerk Media makes sure that the methods of product and brand advertising do not exceed certain limits in terms of content. All forms of demanding rhetoric and insinuations of fear and violence are not permitted.

  5. Documentation and evaluation.
    Each action is documented. The documentation serves as a basis for feedback, evaluation and suggestions.